MiMS Venue

Wedding Venue

We provide space for you to invite up to 200 Guests to participate in your special event.

  • Parking

  • Ceremony Space

  • Cocktail & Reception Space

  • Tables and Chairs

  • Wedding Rehearsal


Take comfort in having a place to rest that is actually on-site at your venue space. You have access to venue house starting on Friday afternoon, and you don't have to check out until Sunday afternoon. It is difficult to find these types of arrangements outside of the downtown Portland area, and you don't have to share your space with any strangers.

  • Check-in on Friday afternoon

  • Wedding Rehearsal on Friday evening at the venue (a few steps away from the house)

  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinner (can be served at the house or at in the venue space)

  • You choose who stays at the house. can be all bridesmaids, all groomsmen, all bridal party, special family members, just the newlyweds - it's up to you!

  • Invite the photographer(s), and/or videographer(s) to the house to capture special moments leading up to the big day.

  • Check-out on Sunday afternoon.

DJ Service

What's a wedding day without a really good DJ and entertainment? When you book MiMS venue, you also get a wedding DJ as part of your package. Why? Well, because the DJ actually owns the property.

  • All Sound Equipment Included

  • Music from Guest Arrival through Reception Grand Exit

  • Emcee

  • Timeline creation assistance

  • Song Request

  • Over 7 Years Experience

  • Professional | Charismatic | Courteous | Awesome DJ & MC

  • Assistance with the wedding rehearsal

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