MiMS Venue
Potential New Venue Space Coming to Albany, Oregon

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Albany, Oregon may be getting a brand new venue space for wedding events, birthday celebrations, and other private events. Hands On Music, LLC is currently pursuing plans to open and operate a venue space in the Linn County/Albany area. This is a huge project that requires quite a bit of strategy and planning, but we are at the point where we need to start raising awareness and building an interest list. Please join our mailing list. We have so much that we want to tell you.

Discounts for Opening Year

To celebrate the grand opening of MiMS Venue we will be booking events at up to 50% off of our regular pricing with DJ service, and dance floor lighting included - courtesy of mynewdj. We are still working through all of the details, but we are planning to reward our early bird Clients with a highly discounted rate to honor our company's humble beginnings in the wedding industry. We will be offering discounts for the entire first year of operation because we don't want any of our clients to miss out.

image of a black wedding couple posing for the camera holding a gift box.
The Dream
The Vision

The Dream is to open a brand new wedding venue in Albany, Oregon.

The vision is to create a space where couples can celebrate with their families and get a little bit of pixie dust mixed with hometown love.

We invite you to dream along with us and catch the vision!